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From NYC to Washington DC

I didn’t sleep at all last night because Michael was hanging out with me. I still had to get ready after he left so that’s what I did. I took my time taking a shower and putting my stuff up. Then I read and prayed a little while. My computer kept having problems with its graphics accelerator or something like that so I had to go ahead and turn it off. Even after I ate breakfast, I still had an hour and a half before I needed to leave at 9 to meet Chad. I decided to pass the time by taking a short one hour nap. I woke up at 9:30 because Michael called me. I don’t know what happened to my alarm. Then the subway track from the hotel to Queens was being worked on so the lady sent me halfway across Manhattan to get on the next one. When I finally got to the station in Queens, it was 11:00 and I was supposed to get there at 10. I went to the church that Chad and Jay were working with. I think about thirty people became Christians today. That was awesome to see. We basically ran out of the end of the service though so Chad could get home.

I, on the other hand, was headed to a metro station in Washington, D.C. Matt said that if I wanted to stay a few days he would buy me a train ticket to Raleigh. We ended up finding a different station than the one we were looking for, but they all go to the same place anyway. I said goodbye to Chad and experienced my first ride on the Washington D.C. metro. I was texting Kali, and she told me to try to start a conversation with someone, but there was no one around me.

I had to transfer to another train that became very crowded at the next station. This woman was sitting on the arm of the chair I was in, so I tried to move my stuff around so I could let her sit next to me. I eventually did it and offered her a seat. I said something like “I’m sorry it took me a while to figure out how to situate my stuff.” She noticed I had my suitcase and asked if I was leaving. I said no, “I’m actually just getting here. I’m seeing a friend and doing a documentary on what people think about Christians.” She looked puzzled “Christians...?”
“Yes, Christians.” I then realized that this lady had no idea about anything to do with Christianity. So I briefly told her about Adam and Eve and Jesus. And man’s sin and how Jesus came to restore the union with God that was broken by our sin. She seemed very interested, but I knew my stop was coming up soon. I asked her if she believed in anything. She said “I believe in God, but I believe in science.” She also said something like nobody knows what is true. I replied with “God does, and if you seek the truth with all of your heart he will reveal it to you.” Then my stop came up, but I have a feeling she will search out the truth later because of that short little conversation. I think that was the first time I was ever able to tell someone who had no clue who Jesus was about Him. It was awesome!

By the time I met up with Matt it was eight something at night so we ate at the cafeteria thing and went back to his dorm where we hung out and of course went to sleep. But Matt went to buy my ticket online. As he was reaching for his credit card he saw a ticket voucher that he forgot he had. Its so amazing the way God works.

One thing I have discovered is that Public Transportation is really cool. And it can be used to talk to people because they aren’t going anywhere. A lot of times people want to talk if someone would just open up their mouth and speak. So next time you’re in an awkwardly quiet place with strangers just talk to them. You never know what God will do.


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