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NYC Day 3

Day 2 is in the previous post. Read it first

I slept in late today even later than yesterday because I put the "do not disturb" thing on my door. Plus I was exhausted and went to bed after 4AM. So I woke up and took my time getting ready. Prayed and listened to some music, talked to Sam on the phone and figured out where I should go today. I left the hotel about three o'clock on my way to the UN building by the way of Seventh ave. and on across 42nd street which put me going by Grand Central Station.

Ever since I've known about Grand Central, I've wanted to go there in person. So there I was. And I was hungry. I saw the sign for "Dining" and followed it down the stairs. All of the food setups were strange to me until I saw a Chinese place. It was server-bar takeout style, where you get one dish with two meats. But it was almost twice as much as what you would pay at Triangle Town Center for almost the exact same thing.

I made a dash for an open seat in a corner, but someone else dashed faster. So then I looked around and found the only other available seat facing gate 115 and a flower stand. The table had napkins left on it neatly stacked by its previous occupant. They actually almost looked like they were there for a reason.

As I was chowing down on my lo mien, sweet and sour chicken, peppered chicken, and spring roll, I looked up and noticed that the girl working the flower stand looked like she was dealing with some stuff on the inside but trying not to show it on the outside. God told me to make her day better by telling her she was beautiful. I didn't want it to look like I was hitting on her or take away her customers by talking with her for a while. That's when God told me those nice, thick napkins (the ones from the Chinese place were thin) were on that table for a reason, and that he told me that I might need a pen today for a reason.

So I pulled my pen out of my bag and wrote: "Smile because you are beautiful" on a napkin. After I finished eating, I threw my stuff away around the corner and prayed that she wouldn't see me put it on her counter somehow. I started walking, and she was finishing up with a customer. She finished with him before I could get there. I didn't change my pace. Instead of waiting for another customer like I thought she would, she turned around to do something at the exact moment that I walked by. So I put it on the counter right where she would turn back around and see it and kept walking. I knew she saw it because I turned around to check while I was going up the stairs, and I could see her at that side of the counter looking a bit happier and looking around.

I was able to get some good filler footage at a park, but nothing really interesting happened today after that. It was chilly and it started raining so I sat inside of a Starbucks for a while before making the long trek back to the hotel. I left the Starbucks at 7:15ish and didn't get to the hotel until around 9. But I had to stop and get some chapstick too. That was today. I hope God will give me the boldness to break people's bubble's tomorrow. And that it doesn't rain.


Anonymous said...

This is really inspiring. :D Keep it up, Jeremy! God is using you in great ways.

I feel a little envious, actually... I feel like because I'm a girl, I can't just go hit the streets. ... Tho, I'm sure if that's what God called me to do, He'd protect me. You keep at it, Jeremy. It's amazing.

I'm praying for you!

Jay-No said...

Thanks a bunch for your prayers! They make you just as much a part of this as I am, because it is God that is doing the work. Pray for these people that I came in contact with, that God would continue to work in their hearts after I am gone.
And I'm sure that you and your skills could handle the streets of NYC... Not that you would have to do anything though because God will make stuff happen just how it needs to.

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