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Washington DC Day 3

Today I woke up early and was ready to roll. I ate some poptarts and headed to the metro so that I could go to the White House. When I arrived there was a lady pointing some people in the right direction of the White House. I walked that way and talked with them. They were from New York just seeing the sites of the Capitol. They said 'good luck' with my video, but neither one of them wanted to speak about what they thought.

I finally saw the White House. It was a little early for tourist time so not many people were there. I decided to walk around the area. I saw someone with a full coffee cup and headed in the direction that they came from. I followed the trail of coffee cups to a Starbucks and sat down for a morning cup of coffee and prayer. After sitting for a while, I felt like I needed to return to the White House. On the way there, I saw five people in various varieties of military uniform. I thought it was odd, but kept walking.

When I got there, I expected to find people to interview. What I found was a large amount of Chinese people in red and yellow shirts. They were demonstrating against the persecution of a sect of Buddhism in China by the Chinese government. They wanted the U.S. to do something about it. There was a dark presence there. Then the people in uniform that I saw earlier stood against the fence and some people with a large banner and video cameras stood in front of them. They were advocating the abholition of the "don't ask don't tell" policy. I decided to interview the Chinese lady that was passing out fliers. She couldn't understand me easily when I was asking if there were Christians in China. But I was able to let her speak about their cause on camera. As she was speaking to me, I was pushed from behind by the police, telling me to stay on the other side of the street. No one knew why. (I later learned from one of the Secret Service people that the people dressed in uniform had chained themselves to the fence. They didn't want anyone to get violent.) Almost as soon as I was finished interviewing the Chinese lady, people started shouting and chanting for gay equality.

The dark presence came even stronger in a giant wave, and all I could do was stand their and pray while trying to compose myself. After a while I wasn't sure what to do so I walked away feeling defeated because all of this was going on and realizing the reason for it all. People are angry and mad and form together when they feel like there is no one to love them except for people that are like them. There were no real Christians there. And I felt like there was nothing I could do at that moment except watch the powers of darkness parade the streets and weave in and out of the hearts of the people who were around. The feeling almost knocked me down. I felt anger towards the actions of the people, but pity for the people themselves because they are victims of the failures of those who know the truth. They are victims of those of us who would have God's love but continue to be the stingy little two year olds we are. "Its my Jesus. Go find your own."- That is what they hear. And so they do.

I walked around and got more shots of the area, trying to talk to people. I could talk to people very easily but it was usually only small talk, and if I did bring up the video they did not want to do it. God told me to go back to the White House and hang out there a while. The protestors were gone. I noticed that many people were switching off cameras, getting individual pictures of each other in front of the White House. So I decided to offer to take pictures of people who were traveling together so that they would all be in the same picture. I was able to talk to many people doing that, and I actually got a few interviews from people.

After a while of doing that, I got some coffee and looked at places to go next. On the map, I saw the Spy Museum. I've always wanted to go into the spy museum. When I arrived there, I was talking on the phone with Sam. I didn't want to go in if it was going to be a lot of money. It was $18 dollars, and I didn't have much time. I was a little disappointed so I told Sam. And he was thinking about what God told him while he was praying last week (Me being able to either do something or get a souvenir for free.) so he said, "It will be ok. God loves to show up for his kids. Try to get in and see what happens." After I got off the phone, I walked up to the information desk and asked how long they recommended to go through the museum. He said two hours. I said "Oh ok then. I don't have two hours to spend. I wish I did though because I've always wanted to see the spy museum." Then he said "Well, where are you from?" I told him Georgia. He said something I didn't expect at all, "Well then you just go right through that light of blue gates right there and tell everyone in Georgia that the spy museum is the coolest museum in D.C." It was just awesome to see what God will do. He loves to do things like that.

I didn't really get much else today as far as the video goes, but I did go to Matt's small group where we had a good talk on the end of Job. And it was Matt's birthday so we went to his friend's house to celebrate. We had pizza and were watching X-men when the power went out. We lit candles and read 'Da Jesus Book. It is a translation of the Bible into a strange Hawaiian dialect. It was pretty fun.


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